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Originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Geib Family first began visiting Fort Myers, Florida in 2008. Our Family quickly fell in love with the area, Ken and Mary purchased a home in Cape Coral in 2012. In 2014 Ken and Mary retired and moved down full time. Within a year of living in SWFL, they purchased their first restaurant in North Fort Myers named the Nauti Parrot Tiki Hut in January 2015 (A Homage to a family favorite, the Nauti Goose in Maryland). 

 Their two sons, Tyler and Bobby moved down to help deal with the demand. After two years of success at the first location, an opportunity on Fort Myers Beach at one of the most historic Fort Myers Beach Restaurants (Channel Mark) changing the Name to Nauti Parrot Dock Bar. After dealing with a Hurricane, Red Tide and the COVID Pandemic, the two restaurants held strong and the family most recently opened a newly renovated Nauti Parrot Oasis on 41, hosting some of the biggest name bands in the area in a beautiful setting.

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